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When God says no to our request, we can be sure it's for the best.

Coffee Lover's, Espresso, Coffee Beans, Coffee Cups. Coffee Mugs, Wine, dog & human bandanas quality handmade in USA which are reversible and washable. Our collar bandanas slide over your pets existing collar giving your pet a safer, non tie bandana that will not choke or harm them.   Medical scrub caps, Doo Rag Skull Caps, Comfortable caps and soft hats. For chemo and radiation patients and plastic bag holder dolls, wheel chair pockets, Walker Bags, adult bibs, aprons, purses.

X-Small= $7.95 (toy dogs)         Small = $9.95 (small dogs)

Medium = $10.95 (cockers, Lapso, etc)       Large = $12.95 (Labs, Collies)

X-Large = $14.95 (Rotweilers, Chows, Akita's)

  Hospital skull caps and bouffant caps, Doo Rag Scull Caps, Medical caps are reversible inside or out.  Doo Rags are one thickness with a flap to protect neck from being rubbed by helmets. Doo Rags are available with a cotton sweatband inside front band.  Both are great for cancer patients and medical personnel.

If you want a bandana for a human they are a 27" square with hemmed edge.

 Human bandanas   $15.95        Appliance Covers  $19.95 - $24.95

Doo Rags  $14.95       Stethoscope Covers  $14.95

Note:  Fabrics availability change every day due to supply & demand.  We try to fill orders with the shown fabric, but sometimes a similar fabric is only available and will be substituted.


Doo Rag Skull Cap $14.95

coffee cups

Bouffant Caps, Cancer Hats $19.95

Indianapolis Colts

Scull Caps  $17.95

Walker Bags

Walker Bags  Wheel Chair Bags  $29.95

bagholder dolls

Bag Holder Dolls  $24.95

Aprons            $24.95 & $21.95

Adult Bib       $29.95 & $24.95  Baby Bibs $10.95 -$12.95

Shopping Bags  $31.95  & $29.95


We have a great way for you to know when new fabrics and products are added. Our newsletters are sent a couple of times a month.
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Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

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Coffee Bar

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Wine Bottles

Wine Rack

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Creme Coffee Words

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Coffee Cups

Red Coffee Cups

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Black Coffee Words

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coffee beans

Coffee Beans

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Tea Pots

Tea Pots

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More Than One Coke

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Red Coke-cola

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